Razoks Manitoba Heating and Cooling




  1. Are your Technicians Certified?

    Yes... all of our Tech's are Certified, Licensed and hold Vaild Gas Tickets.

  2. Do the Brushes get into the corners?

    Yes... our Brushes are soft bristled and have no problem getting into the corners as well as brushing all 4 sides of the main trunk lines.

  3. Is there anything I need to do to prepare my home?

    -All we need is access to your vents, (Hot and Cold Air return Vents) meaning that we can get to them to be able to clean them.

    -room around the Furnace Area to do our work and set-up our Equip.

  4. Do I need to leave my Windows or Door open for your Equipment?

    No... we have and use the latest in Equip. Technology that allows us to bring everything INSIDE your home not requiring a window or door to be left open so no need to worry about cold weather in the Fall or Winter times and no worries about having mosquitos (West Nile Virus) or any other insects/bugs in the Spring or Summertime.

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